Is your winter power bill getting on the high side? We’ve all had that feeling! Here’s some simple tips and things you can do to save money on your energy costs:

1. Lighten up

Turn the lights off when you’re not using them (enlightening I know! Pun intended). As it’s Winter, we’re switching our lights on earlier and keeping them on for longer which results in higher energy costs.

If you haven’t already got LED lighting in your home, then you may want to consider it. LED lighting uses 80% less energy and lasts 25 times longer than traditional incandescent lighting. This means that it could help save you $100 or more a year on electricity in your home. Although LED lighting can have a high upfront cost, the energy savings you’ll make throughout their lifetime will make up for that cost.

2. Prevent Leakage (No, not that type of leakage!)

Check the seals of your fridge, freezer and oven regularly to prevent energy leaks and ensure they’re running efficiently.

Stop draughts in your home by placing door snakes or a towel along the bottom of doors to help keep the heat in your home. There’s nothing worse than paying for heating and constantly letting it escape.

3. Don’t let heated towel rails be sneaky

Do you have a heated towel rail? Only use it when you need it. A heated towel rail that is on 24/7 could cost you $170 per year. A programmable timer is a relatively inexpensive investment that can helps keep your losses to a minimum. You can then use the timer to turn heating off when the house is empty and programme it to turn on shortly before you are due home.

4. Don’t let appliances be crafty

Switch appliances off at the wall when you’re not using them as some appliances tend to use unnecessary energy when they’re not in use (crafty I know!). These include TVs, laptops, phone chargers, XBox, coffee machines etc.

5. Timing is key

Did you know that using electricity during ‘peak’ times (generally between 6 – 10am and 3 – 9pm) are more expensive? Try holding off using the dishwasher or washing machine during these times, and you’ll notice the difference in your power bill.  Check with your energy provider for exact energy peak times as these can vary.

Congratulations, you’ll get to see your electrical bill decreasing!

By integrating these tips into your normal daily routine, you’ll get to see your electrical bill happily decreasing. Leading Electrical can help you to maintain your home and provide advice around saving money on your electrical bills. For more information, contact us to book an appointment today!