Here are the most common electrical problems for immediate attention. Since 1 January 2012, there have been over 9.826 electrical fire incidents across all regions of New Zealand (Fire and Emergency New Zealand, 2018).

Therefore, if you’re experiencing any of the below electrical problems, we recommend contacting a qualified, registered electrician immediately.

Unusual Noises in the Electrical Panel / Switchboard

A quiet electrical panel is a happy electrical panel. If you can hear noises such as crackling, popping or sizzling sounds in the electrical panel/switchboard, then you’ll need to call a registered electrician immediately.  These sounds indicate arcing electricity in the wiring which could be a result of faulty breakers, worn insulation or loose connections etc.

Tripping Breakers & Power Loss

Breakers are designed to protect your property from damage via shutting off the electrical flow to prevent overheating and electrical fires. If too many high amp appliances are plugged into a single circuit, then it will cause the breaker or fuse to blow out, resulting in an inconvenient loss of lighting and a potential electrical fire hazard.  If you observe constant tripping, then it could be due to a short circuit, circuit overload or ground fault.

Electrical Burning Smell

If you can smell an acrid burning smell coming from a light, switch, power outlet or switchboard, then you’ll need to call a registered electrician immediately. These smells generally occur because of the plastic melting or wires being in a poor condition. Thus, it’s a significant fire hazard, particularly if it’s from wiring inside a wall.

Shocking Switches & Outlets

This is a sign that a wire in the circuit is shorting out to the conduit enclosing the wires.  Properties over 60 years old that have not been upgraded with new electrical wiring and switchboards have a greater risk of fire. Therefore, we recommend you have a qualified, registered electrician to review the electrical wiring and switchboards in the property immediately.

Flickering Lighting

Flickering lights can be an indication of power fluctuations which can result in extreme damage to your electrical system and some fixtures plugged into it including electronics.

Experiencing any of the above electrical problems? Contact Leading Electrical’s qualified and registered electricians to help prevent the risk of an electrical fire from occurring.  Leading Electrical provides 24/7 emergency services throughout Hamilton and the Waikato. Contact us today

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