When needing electrical wiring done, ensure you use a New Zealand Registered Electrician.

When it comes to any building or construction, there are specific areas that need special attention. This is to ensure your safety and/or the safety of the occupants of the building when it’s complete. One of these specific areas is electrical wiring.

Since 1 January 2012, there has been over 9,826 electrical fire incidents across all regions of New Zealand.

It’s Better to be Safe than Sorry

DIY or faulty electrical work can result in fires, extensive damage to your property and electric shocks. Hiring a registered electrician can help prevent these accidents. Being a registered electrician in New Zealand means they are licensed with the Electrical Workers Registration Board (EWRB). The EWRB ensures the “competence of electrical workers to ensure the safety of New Zealanders.” The EWRB audits electricians as well as doing various other activities.

Registered Electricians understand New Zealand Electrical Regulations & Standards

A registered electrician has to complete numerous assessments and exams to eventually become an electrician. This means that they understand all the New Zealand regulations and standards that are in place. This ensures the electrical work they do in your home is safe by complying with them.

Avoid Problems When Making an Insurance Claim or Selling Your Home

A registered electrician will be providing you with a certificate of compliance and/or an electrical safety certificate for certain work. This assures the electrical work complies with New Zealand safety requirements. Keeping these documents in a safe place will be beneficial if you make an insurance claim or sell your home.

Workmanship Guarantee

A registered electrician will be able to offer you a guarantee. All Master Electricians have a 12 month workmanship guarantee from the date of the completed work.

Electrical Tools & Equipment

By hiring a registered electrician, you’ll be confident that they”ll have all the tools they’ll need to complete the job. Registered electricians use their tools on a daily basis. People who are not registered are less likely to have the tools they need to finish the job safely.

How do I find out if my Electrician is Registered?

Find out by asking to see the electrical worker’s license before they start the electrical work.

Leading Electrical’s Registered Electricians

Leading Electrical has EWRB registered residential, commercial and rural electricians. We support the continuing education of our expert electricians to ensure their electrical workmanship is exceptional.

Leading Electrical provides electrical installations such as installing ceiling heat light fans, light switches, light dimmers, power points and more! We also provide electrical repair services including oven repairs and circuit breaker replacement.

Contact Leading Electrical today to fix your electrical problems, safely and effectively.